Workshop review


Thank you Martina for the award!!

Here are some pictures from the April workshop and a very kind email from Denise who attended. If you would like to join us on any of the other workshops then please contact us. The booking form is on Alison West’s website

Hi Abi and Alison
I just wanted to say thank you very much for a lovely couple of days. Your joint enthusiasm for saggar and raku was so evident and I felt that I not only learnt a great deal, but that the enthusiasm was passed on to me; leaving me keen to get home, sort myself a kiln , and start experimenting!
I may return at some point (once I have had a chance to practice!!) just to be part of a small group of students and tutors, all enjoying the results of their experiments!
Best wishes

Alison West demonstrating preparing a pot in a paper saggar.

Placing plants and sawdust around the pot and spraying oxides onto the sawdust before rapping up the paper saggar

Some of the workshop attendees preparing their pots

Loading the saggar inside the kiln with the paper saggars tucked in beside the main saggar

Lid closed and lighting the burner, (and a prayer to the kiln gods!!)

Lunch!! and a good chat about pots

Preparing and glazing the raku pots

Getting the raku kilns going


Saggar and raku pots from the day

An enjoyable and fulfilling experience.